About Canoe Club of Centre County

The Canoe Club of Centre County is a Paddle America Club of the American Canoe Association. The club serves as a networking tool for new and experienced paddlers alike. Its first purpose is to organize day trips on local streams and lakes, with the hope of giving all paddlers the means to network with each other, experienced paddlers a chance to explore the waterways with others, and newcomers and new paddlers a way to learn about local streams. The best offer for gamblers https://vogueplay.com/br/show-ball/. Come on. Increased chance of winning! We also offer informal training (canoe techniques, kayak rolling, etc.), over-night trips, and special outings (night paddles, bird-watching paddles, etc.). The club consists of paddlers of all ages and skill levels. We are a non-profit (501(c)(7)) organization.

As a member of the Canoe Club of Centre County, you will

  • Be kept up to date regarding upcoming trips and events
  • Have access to the listserv and member-only Facebook page
  • Be able to participate in training and safety classes
  • Be invited to picnics and other club activities
  • Discounts at local merchants
  • Discounts for American Canoe Association and American Whitewater Memberships

The Canoe Club of Centre County is ideal for

  • Kayakers
  • Canoeists
  • Casual paddlers
  • Recreational paddlers
  • Serious paddlers
  • White water paddlers
  • Almost anyone who enjoys being on the water

Officers and Board Members

2016 Canoe Club of Centre County officers:

  • President – Joyce Furfaro – president@ccofcc.org
  • Vice President – David Ziegler – vicepresident@ccofcc.org
  • Secretary – open – secretary@ccofcc.org
  • Treasurer – David Eggler – treasurer@ccofcc.org

Board Members: Ed Bowman, Lee deWolski, Joyce Furfaro, Lynne Heritage, David Shirey, Robbie Fulton, Aaron Fleishman

2016 Canoe Club of Centre County committees:

  • Membership: Dave Eggler
  • Outreach:
  • Training and Safety:


Canoe Club of Centre County By-Laws